What do we do? Quite frankly, anything and everything you ask (creatively speaking)...

Elytra Dexign (Elytra) is progressive and dedicated to client needs. Whether for print and web media design, photography, copywriting and editing, or event planning and marketing, Elytra is the capable source for you. We understand the critical process and more importantly, execute the vision.


We COMMUNICATE, evoke EMOTION, with master INNOVATION compounded by artistic and professional devotion.

The prosperity of any business in virtually every industry relies heavily upon customer care. Every client here works exclusively with the designer, simplifying communication to establish a proficient working relationship. This philosophy, intertwining service and meticulous attention to detail, is as imperative as the designer’s skills. In a world of hyperbole, the results are what count. Elytra’s results stand as our testament.

You are invited to join a diverse list of satisfied customers. Offering full Mac file-handling capabilities in Adobe Creative Suite, Elytra can fulfill all of your design and marketing needs. We will collaborate with you to deliver the vision that sets you apart from your competition.

It’s time to be noticed, time to ‘get bugged’. With us! Elytra Dexign.