You are more than welcome to send us in your testimonials by email while we're busy digging up from our archives everything that has ever been written or said about us... (all good, of course!). Here are just a few to start:

"A very dedicated and entrepreneurial company who has the drive to not only start something but finish it. You don't see this talent and drive in very many people these days ... but Elytra has it." — Rob Goddard, Goddard Information Systems Limited

"An experienced and talented graphic design company who can be counted on to provide production-ready artwork as well as valuable input to the creative process. I have hired Elytra in the past and will continue to do so.” — Todd McIntosh, Resonance Media

"Let me say how impressed I am with the website. Well done!" — Eric Fagen, Corporate Communications Manager, PowerStream Inc.

"The website looks really good! I am so impressed! I hope you are enjoying it too. You are doing a better than fantastic job!" — Dianna Holmes, Style By Design

"Just thought that I would send you a wee note to let you know that I have given out three DVD’s – people really like the ‘new’ package design! Please know that I really appreciate the ‘extra mile’ you went to designing this project. Your work is absolutely wonderful!!" — Danny Hamill, The Magic of Danny Hamill

"Congratulations to you, Sheila, on the interesting, informative and successful website. It is an example of the theory that every presentation has a lot of preparation. Yes, even we in Scotland enjoy 'Sayitcornell'." — Godfrey and Margaret Warren

"I cannot thank you enough for your readiness to help with the Gala in so many ways. When tackling such a large endeavour in a short period of time, it is impossible to make it all happen without help, and you really knew how to provide the assistance that I needed, when I needed it. We certainly would not have been able to promote the Gala in such a wonderful way without your creative talents and hard work.

When the last dance was over, and the trappings of the event were being packed away, you were such a trooper, once again ready to say "yes" when the brochure needed 'tweaking'. Thank you so much for stepping up to the plate, and once again donating your time and wonderful talent to allow us to thank everyone so beautifully.

There is no question in my mind that you were integral to our success in raising just over $300,000, achieving our goal and surpassing last year's total! Being able to promote the event ahead of time with solid, targeted ads and thanking all those involved following with the double page spread, was extremely important to the overall success of the gala.

The attendance reached 750, and I am really happy to report that feedback from guests has been extremely positive.

The Hospital is very fortunate to have you as a supporter, and I cannot thank you enough for the assistance you so kindly provided. I hope that I have the opportunity to work with you again in the future." — Carol Wildgoose, Gala Coordinator

It’s time to be noticed, time to ‘get bugged’. With us! Elytra Dexign.