“Sooo, what is Elytra...?” you wonder. Yep, we’ve been asked. A lot. It’s really quite simple and some of you may find it unusual, even gross (!), but once you understand our concept, your intrigue will spread. Here’s the formal definition:

Singular for elytron, Elytra [el-i-truh] is one of the pair of hardened forewings of some insects, such as in ladybug beetles, forming a protective covering for the softer, more fragile flight wings beneath.

“And how exactly can design services be derived from a BUG?” you ask your second question.

Let us interpret ourselves — we’re creative types after all! The Elytra is your Design package, or visual end result, that supports the emotion and understanding evoking your target audience while your communications — print, web, photography, copywriting — take flight to achieve your desired marketing objective. The message is only as effective as its more attractive presentation counterpart.

Not so bad? We know. Just leave the creative thinking to professionals like us. You wouldn’t contract your hair stylist to do your taxes, would you? Design is what we do — for corporate and small businesses alike.


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It’s time to be noticed, time to ‘get bugged’ — with us! Elytra Dexign.